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 Nguyễn Trung Tây-Michael Nguyen, SVD

The Well
For The Thirsty Traveler

Heaven Gate,
Photographed by


moment of grace
when conflict arises
5 September, 2014

Conflict, through the form of a serpent, walked right into the garden. With a cajoling voice conflict conversed with the woman, “To eat or not to eat. To die or to live. To be in or to be out. To be God or to be mortal human beings.” Obviously she and later her husband chose unwisely...

moment of grace
dig a hole to bury head!

20 August, 2014

Bingo! Yahtzee! Perfect! Calling someone dogs in Middle Eastern culture is culturally an insult. The woman must feel deeply hurt again, Jesus ignored her, and now in a very critical way “challenged her faith” (someone might prefer this phrase as an attempt to understand why the word dogs find a place in this episode!). The woman might have said to herself, “That’s it. No more! Too much for me to handle. I Q….QUIT.”...

moment of grace
men don't feel FEAR!
12 August, 2014

I faced you [fear] when confronted with my own mortality through a dream, a nightmare. I woke up, my body was covered in perspiration. For the first time, I deeply realized and felt the threat of my own mortality. Oh! Life, my life! I faced you when the H. pylori bacterium (?) insidiously attacked my stomach… I was laughing with and talking to my friends on a crowded street in the old city of Jerusalem. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe anymore!"...

moment of grace
gospel drama: YOU ARE THE MESSIAH
24 July, 2014

Jesus (looks into the woman’s eyes): Woman, whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the living water will never thirst. The water that I shall give will become a spring welling up to eternal life.
Woman (with cynical voice): I see!... Sir, I see now. So, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw any more.
Jesus (pauses for a few moments, then commands: Go… And call your husband...

moment of grace
jesus, the eight, peter, judas, and...

27 june, 2014

At that moment, the rooster crows the third time… What an abysmal sound… The former fisherman runs away from the courtyard bursting into tears… Perhaps the eyes of his master follow after Peter… Peter experiences a free fall… He is in the depths of distress… But, unlike Judas, despite facing the most difficult moment in his life, Peter does not look for a tree, but he looks to the future…

moment of grace
ascension sunday,
year a
where are you from? từ đâu tới?
30 May, 2014

Still a phenomenon, as if I wear a T-Shirt marked, “Ask me where I am from,” when being in foreign lands, just like a magnet, very often people come to me asking me (or my friend if I don’t speak the language of the land),
“Where are you from?”
“Really? You ask me… Where am I from?”
You stare at me,
“What’s wrong with that?"...

vietcatholic interviews fr. michael nguyen, svd
aboriginal ministry in central australia

5 Jan, 2013

VietCatholic/Lan-Vy: For quite a long time, nearly two years, we have not heard from you here at VietCatholic. Some readers have written to us asking about you. But we only know that you are no longer working in Melbourne. Can you let us know where your present ministry is. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD: My dear readers from VietCatholic, the first words that I’d like to send to our readers, the staff members of VietCatholic and Lan-Vy is “The peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you"...

truyện ngắn
thị trấn chula vista
giải nhất văn thơ lạc việt 2009
18 tháng 4, 2012

Cô gái cúi xuống, chỉ phiá dưới, giọng chắc nịch,
— Bốn chục...
Người đàn ông hụp một nhịp thở, tim đập thật nhanh. Bình bịch! Rồi ông bỏ đi. Cô gái chạy theo, tay chỉ vào bộ ngực căng tròn,
— Hai chục đô.
Ngay tới dưới gốc cây dừa... Ông thở hơi mạnh, dồn dập, cởi cởi bao tay, móc móc hai tay vào trong túi quần...

meditation photo/hình chiêm niệm
the reconciliation/giao hòa
uluru, northern territory, 2011

Earth connected to Heaven.
From now on unconditional love
Led to the reconciliation...
While enjoying the spectacular scenery of the two rainbows that connected heaven and earth, the owner thought about the holy night, the night the sinful earth was reconciled with heaven, the first Christmas night of salvation history. On that night, the lowly earth met her Creator face to face again.

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