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 Nguyễn Trung Tây-Michael Nguyen, SVD

The Well
For The Thirsty Traveler

On Emmaus Road
Photographed by


moment of grace
hành trình emmau

23 april, 2014

Em, hồi xưa giúp lễ cho tôi. Bây giờ lớn rồi, không giúp lễ nữa, nhưng đi lễ Chúa Nhật đều đặn. Chiều hôm qua, em ghé vào nhà tôi, miệng sặc sụa mùi rượu. Tôi hỏi sao lại uống rượu ban ngày. Em nói bị vợ bỏ. Tôi phá ra cười trong bụng, nhưng không tỏ lộ trên nét mặt, bởi em đã đám cưới bao giờ đâu mà có vợ. Tôi hỏi em bây giờ thì sao? Em nghiêm nét mặt nói ngày mai cha ra nhà xác mang con về, chôn con ở đất thánh. Tôi nói bộ không còn gì để cứu vãn nữa hay sao? Em...gục mặt xuống khóc nức nở...

moment of grace
the thirty fourth sunday, year c
visa! oh, visa!
22 november, 2013

But, how about the visa to Kingdom of Heaven? Have you ever wondered what kind of visa one should apply for to reach heaven? Are you mumbling the name, Peter? Am I right? Bingo! You are correct, for Peter has been endowed with the keys to heaven. So, try your best to be friends with Peter for when you find yourself standing at the gate of heaven. You knock and Peter opens the door for you...

moment of grace
the thirty first sunday, year c
a clear objective
1 november, 2013

Knowing that Jesus was coming to town and being aware of his shortness and the big crowds that surrounded Jesus, Zacchaeus went straight to the sycamore tree and climbed all the way up to the tree for a chance. And his efforts paid off. Walking towards the tree, unexpectedly Jesus stopped and looked up... Oh! I love the tax collector and the unique occasion he encountered heaven!...

moment of grace
the thirtieth sunday, year c
parochial attitudes
26 october, 2013

The more I am advance in age, the more I am fully aware of my human weaknesses. The more I travel to different cities of different countries of our world, the more I notice that each city has its own graceful features. The more I live my Christian life, the more I am aware of how sinful I am (I believe I am not alone in this matter)...

moment of grace
the twenty fourth sunday, year c
lost soul...
13 september, 2013

I was lost while aboard my fishing boat, drifting along in the ocean, and all the young girls in my boat were sexually assaulted by Thai fishermen. When my brother was attacked by a fisherman’s knife, he collapsed on to the wooden floor of the boat, he screamed out loud, his two hands covered his face, and blood, much blood streamed out between his fingers. I, being panic at what I saw, burst into tears…

moment of grace
the seventeenth sunday, year c
knock! and the door...
28 July, 2013

He pauses, then continues, “I prayed for her recovery, but obviously God did not heed my prayer. I knocked, but the door did not open. I asked God for a miracle, but nana still died. I asked for a fish, but a snake was what I was given. I asked for nana’s healing, but her funeral was what I was granted.” His voice eventually becomes bitter..."

vietcatholic interviews fr. michael nguyen, svd
aboriginal ministry in central australia

5 Jan, 2013

VietCatholic/Lan-Vy: For quite a long time, nearly two years, we have not heard from you here at VietCatholic. Some readers have written to us asking about you. But we only know that you are no longer working in Melbourne. Can you let us know where your present ministry is. Michael Quang Nguyen, SVD: My dear readers from VietCatholic, the first words that I’d like to send to our readers, the staff members of VietCatholic and Lan-Vy is “The peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ be with you"...

truyện ngắn
thị trấn chula vista
giải nhất văn thơ lạc việt 2009
18 tháng 4, 2012

Cô gái cúi xuống, chỉ phiá dưới, giọng chắc nịch,
— Bốn chục...
Người đàn ông hụp một nhịp thở, tim đập thật nhanh. Bình bịch! Rồi ông bỏ đi. Cô gái chạy theo, tay chỉ vào bộ ngực căng tròn,
— Hai chục đô.
Ngay tới dưới gốc cây dừa... Ông thở hơi mạnh, dồn dập, cởi cởi bao tay, móc móc hai tay vào trong túi quần...

meditation photo/hình chiêm niệm
the reconciliation/giao hòa
uluru, northern territory, 2011

Earth connected to Heaven.
From now on unconditional love
Led to the reconciliation...
While enjoying the spectacular scenery of the two rainbows that connected heaven and earth, the owner thought about the holy night, the night the sinful earth was reconciled with heaven, the first Christmas night of salvation history. On that night, the lowly earth met her Creator face to face again.

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